Please follow the following house rules when purchasing Kiwanis Ceilidh Klondike 50/50 tickets, thank you!

  • A locked deposit box will be placed at locations throughout the CBRM community.
  • You will purchase a ticket for $2.00; this ticket will have your permanent number, and will be in all future weekly and special draws.
  • You may purchase any number of tickets, at $2.00 each, increasing your chances of winning each week.
  • Your name, contact information, and ticket number(s) will be recorded in a database.
  • At your chosen outlet, write your specific Klondike number on a nearby ticket label, attached the sticker to a toonie, then deposit the toonie in the box, your number is now eligible for the next draw. It will help us if you underline your number on the sticker.
  • If your ticket is drawn and you did not play a toonie, the 50-50 jackpot will accumulate to next week’s jackpot.
  • In order to win, a toonie or toonies have to deposited with your number(s) prior to each weekly draw! Arrangements can be made to pay in advance.
  • Boxes will be emptied on Wednesday afternoon/evenings, to be drawn for on Thursday mornings. The winner will be contacted shortly after the draw.

Inquiries may be directly to Dan (902)577-2569